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Bynames = Finnarrsen, Brokearm, Gorumsson

Nation: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Region: Hagreach

Settlement: Bjørnenhjem*

*Northwest of Hero's Rest 1/2 Day's march from the Irrisen Border

Father: Finnarr Oneeye (Ulfen), Raider, 63

Mother: Kolotta Stormsinger (Ulfen), Shieldmaiden, 60

Sister: Njordarr Goldwave (Ulfen), Wife, 38

Born into a relatively wealthy Family with a own farmstead just within an Hour of the Settlement.

Both his Parents where Warriors in Heart and teached there Son, as good as possible.

The 8 Years old Boy was almost killed in an attack on the Farmstead by another Clan with whom his Family shared a Bloodfeud. His Arm was crushed under the Hammer of an Attacker

With 11 Years he entered a Competition to become one of Gorums Priests but he almost died becouse of his Injury. He blacked out and suddently, like a Wild Animal, beat up the other Competitoners. When he woke up, his Arm was healed and he a Cleric of Gorum. It is said that this Day, he was chosen by Gorum himself.

Mentor: Ulfolfur Ironfinger (Ulfen), Highpriest of the Lord in Iron, 55 †(20)

He was the Highpriest who saw him fight and teached him personally.

He killed someone during his Blackout in the Competition.

Rival: Vigbert Agkellsen (Ulfen), Adolescent, 13 †(30)

The strongest and oldest of the Boys who fought at the Competition.

He was only filled with the Rage of Battle when he attacked his Rival.

He enjoyed the Rush of Strength and Power, the union with the Sound of Drums and the Song of the Battle.

First Wife: Alda Eldfinnadotter (Ulfen), Adolescent, 16 †(24)

Second Wife: Sigotta Bladevoice (Ulfen), Shieldmaiden, 29 †(4)

He had two Wifes but both where killed in Battle at his Side.

His Faith in Gorum is Fanatic to the Point where he only grudingly accepts followers of others Faiths.

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