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Bio: Bynames = Farmothadottir, Half Witch

Char Stats: R. Scale = Hardcore

Nation: Irrisen

Settlement: Whitethrone

Father: Sigvan (Jadwiga), Cryomancer, 58

Mother: Farmotha (Ulfen), Slave, 27 †(14)

Born as a Slave to an Irissen Cryomancer and made a Present for his Son.

Her Mother was a Slave.

With 14 Years she belived in the good intentions of her Master and fell in love with him, but he just sold her after she bored him. When she didnt want to belive him, he killed her Mother before her Eyes.

With 15 Years she Found a Magic Blade between the other Goods in the Wagon where she was kept, it talked to her and teached her Magic and Combat.

Owner: Torahn (Jadwiga), Merchant, 68 †(10)

He was the Man who bought her, she worked for him as a maid.

With 15 Years, 2 Months after she Found the Blade, she killed her Master when he was asleep with her in his Bed.

Owner: Torahn (Jadwiga), Merchant, 68 †(10)

He was the Man who bought her.

She was forced to have Sex with both her Masters and had something like a Relationship with them.

She cant trust anyone who is not an Ulfen and stronlgy denies her Witchblood.

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