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Nation: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Region: Hagreach

Settlement: Bjørnenhjem*

*Northwest of Hero's Rest 1/2 Day's march from the Irrisen Border.

Father: Asvaldur Witchtamer (Ulfen), Chief, 34

Mother: Yrlissaneva Icemane (Snowcaster Elf), Jarlkone, 158

Born into the rich Berason Family where he lived a good Life.

With his birth the Moon faded to Black and every Star stoped shinign fo a Moment, the Dark turned absolute Dark. He was a Omen of the Void to come.

Was granted Magical Winterboots with young age from his Mother to keep him warm.

Aunt: Nobunaga Ishiri, Kunnskapbevarer, 28

He always felt a connection to Ishiri and her experimental Magic as well as her curiosity.

He almost killed a Man with his Fists, when he called his Mother a "Pet" from the Jarl.

Subject: Hyltir Shieldbrother (Ulfen), Huscarl, 40

He was one of the Huscarls of his Father.

His build up Hatered becouse so many people behind closed doors about her Mother.

He felt a rush of Power and Joy when he was victorious.

He is still a Virgin.

He has a constant fear of the coming End of all Things and the desired wish to avoid this Fate for himself and his Family.


R. Scale = Hardcore

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