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noch einzufügen: Father: Grimr Halfsson (Ulfen), Trapper, 26 †(17) Mother: Asta Brunfinnadottir (Ulfen), Trapper, 24 †(17)

Brother: Torvarr Grimrssen (Ulfen), Child, 6 †(17)

Born to her very poor family who lived in a very small Hut on the Edge of the Village.

Both her parents where trappers.

When she was 7 Years old her Family was about to leave the Village and was attacked by some Trolls, her Parents lurred the Trolls away from the children but died. Her Brother freeze to death while she was the only survivor.

A Pack of Wolfs found the little child, and guided by the Spirits of Nature took the Girl into the Pack, where she was raised like a Wolf.

Teacher: Einvir Strongeye (Ulfen), Shaman, 64 A Shaman who took the Wolf girl in and made her his Apprentice.

With 17 Years she attacked Einvir Strongeye and was subdued by him after she wounded him badly.

Intruder: Einvir Strongeye (Ulfen), Shaman, 64 The Victim was Einvir Strongeye, a Shaman.

She attacked becouse he entered the Pack's Territory.

She never felt regreat for it, but dosnt want to talk about it anway.

if she wants to mate she always searches for a Partner to have her fun.

She cant accommodate herself to the "Civilized" Worldview and in her heart always will be a wild Wolf.

Bio: Bynames = Astadottir, Wolfgirl

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