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Nation: Irrisen

Settlement: Hoarwood

Father: Njordarr Geirkellsson (Ulfen), Slave, 63

Mother: Fastleif Dagberadottir (Ulfen), Slave, 36 †(19)

Sister: Asvi Fastleifdotter (Ulfen), Slave, 24

Born as a Slave to the Irrisen Jadwiga rulers of Irrisen.

Both his Parents where Parents, personal Servents of the Witch Queen of Hoarwood.

With 10 Years his Mistress was about to kill him in a "Hunt". His Mother sacrificed her Life so he could run Away and escape.

Under the Training of Alfrun Ironheart he learned of the Path to his Revenge.

Mentor: Alfrun Ironheart (Ulfen), Cleric of Gorum, 41

After Farkas escaped he almost froze to death. Alfrun found him, and took the boy under his Care, teaching him the Way of Gorum.

When he was 16 Years old he killed one of the Honorguards of the Witchqueen, when he and Alfrun tried to rescue his Family.

Former Friend: Anthor Witchguard (Ulfen), Witch Guard,  17 †(13)

Anthor was his Friend when tehy both where childs and Slaves.

He did it in an attemp to save his Family.

Even if he didnt free his Father and Sister, he spilled much Blood, gained Honor in Combat and got a bit of Revenge.

Wife: Salerna Snaketongue (Ulfen), Skald, 26

Since Gorum saved his Life he almost fanatic in his loyalty and belives to the Iron Lord.


Bynames = Snowskin, Blackheart

R. Scale = Hardcore

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