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R. Scale = Hardcore

Nation: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Region: Hagreach

Settlement: Bjørnenhjem*

*Northwest of Hero's Rest 1/2 Day's march from the Irrisen Border.

Adopted by  Grimlaugur Trollbane when he found the infant Girl in a Snowstorm.

Adopted into the rich Berason Family where she had a very good Life.

Her Foster Father trained her in the Ulfen Lifestyle and Combat was always something Important in her Life.

Raised among the Ulfen of Bjørnenhjem and learned there way of Life.

Lover: Anthor Shieldscar (Ulfen), Warrior, 14 †(26)

With 15 Years she fell in Love with one of the Ulfen Warriors but before they could confess there fealigns for each other he was killed on a Raid.

She was trained in the Art of Spying by Lokan with 17 Years. He employed her to Sing at the feast of a Chief in the Jarldom and steal a Magic Ring from his Loot. After her succes he trained her.

Outcast: Lokan Throatcutter (Ulfen), Thief, 62

She trained the "Art of Thiefs" with Lokan and learned much from him.

WIth 19 she killed a Man on a Feast with Poison because he was the Man responsible for the Death of her Lover, in her Eyes he didnt planned the Raid right.

Rival: Borgsteinn Oaxhead (Ulfen), Huscarl, 43 †(22)

The Huscarl who lead the Raid where her Lover died.

She did it out of hate because of his Part in the Death of her Lover.

She felt great satisfaction after her revenge was fulfilled.

Lover: Anthor Shieldscar (Ulfen), Warrior, 14 †(25)

After her first Lover died she never entered a Relationship again that lasted longer then a few Days of Fun.

She has a very deep distrust of other People and a strong Paranoia.