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Nation: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Region: Hagreach

Settlement: Bjørnenhjem*

*Northwest of Hero's Rest 1/2 Day's march frm the Irrisen Border.

Father: Dagarinn Axemaster (Ulfen), Huscarl, 57

Mother: Asotta Unbreakable (Ulfen), Thrall, 55

Born to a Master and his Thrall.

Born as the Bastard son of a Thrall and her Master he was a free man without a real Family, he lived with his Father but had to work hard.

Even if he lived with his Father, he spend most times at work with the Thralls.

He accompanied his Father on a Raid while he was 12 Years old and saved his Fathers live by killing a enemy.

A Year after saving his Father, Hyltir was awareded the Tools of a Viking afterwards he went to Kalsgard to find a Longship crew to join.

Captain: Baldingur Bloodbeard (Ulfen), Viking Raider, 67

An Experienced Captain of a Longship who raided von Kalsgard.

With 12 Years he killed a Man during his first Raid when he acompanied his Father.

Enemy: Cyler Wulfan (Chelaxian), Lord, Middle-Age †(28)

He killed the Lord of the Village they where Raiding.

He did it to save his Fathers live.

He loved the Power of taking a live and the Honor it granted him.

Hyltir seeks to become a Hero, remembered long after his death and does everything to make himself a Name.

Bynames = Asottasen, Thrallblood, Preserver

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