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He has a constant fear of the coming End of all Things and the desired wish to avoid this Fate for himself and his Family.

Both his Parents are already dead, made to lunch.

He has 2 Sisters and 4 Brother sfrom which 2 Brothers where eaten, one is still at the farm with one of his sisters and the last sister beeing a Pet.

Master: Erlarl Witchblood (Half-Elf), Arvtager, 9

Was "adopted" by Erlar and under the guidance from his Mother made into a Familiar.

Master: Erlarl Witchblood (Half-Elf), Arvtager, 9

Erlarls Visions of the coming End of All Times influence Skygge strongly, since he even shares his Dreams.

Destroyed a costly Harp just out of boredom.

Subject: Hallveig Darksong (Fetchling), Etterretningskaffer, 41

Her Harp was destroyed.

He just did it out of boredom.

He enjoyed it and didnt felt any regret for it and lied about it saying it was a mistake.

Still a Virgin.

He has the same Fear of the Void in the Future as Erlar and tries his best to help his Master fight it.

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